Friday, April 30, 2010

This Just In: Seattle is Ironically Cool

Okay, so here it is. An actual post on my blog, rather commenting something on someone else's. Can you imagine it: a day when I actually post consecutively, rather than years apart. Listening is a skill, I'm still mastering; I expect this writing thing will be something I learn eventually, too.

Back to the subject: Yes, if you got #4 correct on BikeSnobNYC's Quiz today (or not), or if you went to the launch party last night, you already know that Seattle is the host city for the next Single-Speed CycloCross World Championships (Good luck, everyone!) That's cool and all, but that's not what's making us Ironically Cool. I have no idea what cool means anymore, but I do understand that irony is the new sarcasm. I still pretend to get sarcasm.

So here it is, our local cycling club (one of the largest in the nation, I've heard), the one responsible for indoctrination furtherance and education in the region, has taken Ironic Cool to the next level.

Only tech-heavy, dork-friendly Seattle can pull off something so indescribably superlative.

C'mon America. Step up to that. I dare you to bring it.

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