Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I feel as though, I've been in a long slumber...

I've been busy, as all busy can be, holiday season not withstanding. Somehow, I haven't figured out how to make sure to keep up on things like, blogging, and twittering, and sleeping, and working, and paying homage on time. I'm not sure how all these ADD kids can get a way with doing all this fun-jumping-around stuff, and still have time for pissing off their parents and teachers. I mean, I can get the pissing people off thing done pretty well, but the rest I just don't seem to have time for!

Either way, my hat's off to kids with ADD.

Maybe not as much to Charlie Sheen. He's a great meme for the blackness of my soul...errr...tiredness of my expletives...uhhh...expertise of my douchiness, so I'm defaulting to imagery over text today.

More to follow... soon?

Happy Holidays, and ride safe.

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